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Key Facts

  • Name: Yoco
  • Established: 2013
  • Sector: Payments
  • Locations: South Africa, Johannesburg & Cape Town (HQ)
  • Size: 110+

About Yoco

Yoco is an African technology company that builds tools and services to help small businesses get paid, run their business better, and grow. We believe that by opening up more possibilities for entrepreneurs to be successful, we can help create more jobs, enable people to thrive and help to drive our economy forward.

“You just won’t find another business that cares about and understands its customers more, and learning from them and building products and services that will make their lives easier is what makes us tick. Right now, more than ever, this country needs small businesses to thrive. Right now, there is no better place to help that mission than at Yoco.”

A truly unique environment


  • Working with a diverse group of people who wants to be part of something bigger than themselves.
  • Solving problems that matter
  • Freedom to be yourself
  • Autonomy to decide how you want to do your work
  • Working with the latest tech and tools
  • An amazing workspace in JHB and CPT which we continuously invest in
  • Being walking distance from the customers you serve
  • 24 annual leave days
  • Flexible working hours

“When I joined Yoco in 2016 I had about a year’s worth of work experience under my belt. The dev team was still small at the time, with just 6 in the team. In that first year, I kept thinking, “How the hell am I here? These guys are way smarter than me.” I oscillated between doubting myself during the day and geeking out over what I was doing and accomplishing at night. Fast forward to now and I’m 2 and a half years in, working on projects I never thought I could be working on. And I owe that to my team. People often take for granted how much they can learn being so junior in a team of well-experienced devs but it has truly afforded me growth I couldn’t have imagined.”

Join us on our journey:

We’ll always support the people who have the guts to give it a go, so we continue to innovate and iterate with invaluable insights from our small business community. We believe in something great. A world where people’s dreams and gifts come alive and thrive. This is something we enable for people inside Yoco and for the merchants we serve.

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